After completing the exams of my 2nd MBBS, I have reached at my village today by staying at different mid-coming places. My batch-mates must be busy with their upcoming schedules, as some of them are desperate to join classes for preparation of PG examinations, some of them are awaiting to grab the banal lectures of lecturers( of course they are only interested in money rather than teaching or else, even someone has rightly said that there is no meaning of teaching without inspiring someone first) and around all these things, they are again all set to ruin their amazing New Year with their rotten conscience. This is the flow we human follow to show that we are doing something, but actually going in the reverse flow of life.



During my stay at Mehsana(a small town of North Gujarat), I have learnt a few things as if universe has decided to give me that compulsive realization of life. Yes, I have decided to do a solo-backpacking journey with utmost no money, for realizing my survival capacity without such so-called necessary tools or weapons. I am leaving in few days without any plan, without any direction and without much money, but the thing is, universe has focused me on that part, with such illuminating incidents.

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Le me tell you about it..

I was staying at my friend’s home, who is amazing personality I ever have come across.Yesterday was a sunday and we made his home a dark theatre like. We were all set to enjoy the TV. At that time, I saw one marvelous show related to this thing on BBC earth, named “Where wild men are with Ben Fogle”.

That show is all about meeting of Benjamin Fogle(UK-based award winner adventurer, writer and presenter) with such people, who are now living far away from the monotonous world. Yes, they inhabit in the remotest area of the world with utmost no facility, but with sheer peace. I was literally startled by the concept of that episode as it was undoubtedly life changing.

In the foremost episode, Ben met one couple in the quaint, desert-like area of America. No one could even think that a place was situated in USA, where they both were living in a small cave like hut, which was sculpted with rugged and irregular muddy-wall. Entire surrounding was just barren land, nothing else. They were surrounded by secluded life and their dog only.

Ben was amazed for a few minutes that how could they live there like this, so he asked about the reason of their recent residency.They both replied that they were the cashiers in the eminent bank of New-york before a few years. At that time, they were earning a lot of money( which every human wants more and more). They also owned their own gigantic home, Mercedes-Benz and all the luxurious things but they never had a glimpse of real happiness. Yes, they confessed this statement which must have been root for their recent life.

They said that nothing of those things had never been theirs as they were blind to know the real treasure of life. Needless to say that owning a home on loan and devastating the life with the insecurity of its fulfilment, is like cutting the same branch of tree on which we are sitting. They never wanted to go back from that place because that gruesome influenced life has already produced big scars on their hearts.

They know very well that God is not going to ask after death, with what you have come back, because God never asks for materialistic things. He always asks for life, a quality of life and a detailed description of how vividly you lived it with your vitality. Fed up of their quest for money, one day they abandoned all the money & property and found themselves at that solitary place with no tension of future. This show has literally boosted me from the core for my upcoming journey.

Benjamin Fogle is Inspiration!

Ben Fogle with this amazing couple at that unknown place!

Some just want to LIVE, nothing else!

I am grateful to that man, at whose house I stayed. You must have gotten idea about the personality of that man. Yes, he also emerged out as inspiration, when he revealed about his life. He is now working as a territory sales incharge at Coats(Maduari coats), which is world’s leading thread manufacturer brand. When I asked about his salary, he told me that I earn 35K per month, but salary never mattered to me for living my life. He said that I was offered 25 thousand 5 years ago from ICICI bank, but I refused as I needed definite freedom for life. Some of great name like doctor and engineers love to brag their qualifications, but we should never underestimate one just because of his occupation or designation.

He revealed about his past life that after completing his MBA, he was appointed as a professor in one MBA college when he was just two years elder than students. He was fascinated towards financial statics too much, that students used to stuck at their benches when his lecture is going to arrive. Once even dean of college called him and asked what kind of magic you serve in the class, that 1st and 5th lectures are always used to be trafficking, which are yours, and in between there are no such students found in class. He smiled and replied, come and sit sir, you will get everything.

He earned a lot of name as that college got first rank in entire state, in the result of that particular subject and even got award of the best professor of the year in his first year, when all elder professors had boiled up with jealousy. Everything was fine, but I asked that then why are you in this field? He said, because I couldn’t sit between four walls or I couldn’t be submissive to banal schedule. At coats, he gets chance to travel so many places as there is no such restrictive rules or office like job. He has to meet various dealers of different areas and pitch some great deals. When he wishes, he wakes up and leaves for that places to meet dealer. Here also, his passionate persona led him to be awarded by the champion of the year of 2016. His mind in financial field is like a mango in summer, everyone wants as many banks and other financial start-ups are trying to get him joined, but he is focused on his quality life and that’s his story. So we have to learn from such people, because everyone has a story.

This photo tells everything!

The different way of living

The few minutes after that show, one African lady( who gets acquainted to me by my Udaipur trip)asked me a toughest question I ever come across that “Is it all about MONEY in life of Modern India?”

I was clueless for a minute, but yes maybe she was right. She has been living in India from last many months, while she had discovered her real existence here. Being a student of psychology, she loves to analyze the lives of Indians. She must have realization of charisma and magic this Indian land has, but still we insane Indians are busy running behind money and fame. All of us are learnt about that thing from our childhood. It’s a bitter reality that outlanders come here and inhale the magical air of our terrain, that renders a motto of their life in the easiest way. If you don’t know, let me tell you this terrain wasn’t mediocre or normal, also isn’t and would never be. Western people, who are in rush with robotic life used to come here for spiritual purposes and what we are doing here? Bragging ourselves with the tag of Western-life-follower..

Foreigners who come here, never even want to go back as every one of them is gifted with the treasure of self-discovery. The different colours of our country actually make them self-less to delve deeply into their cocoon-like-existence, which wants to break the shell and fly like butterfly. Rishikesh,Rajasthan and Kerala are the first choice of foreigners, just because of these reasons as the sand of these places is mixed with clairvoyance of something. Once they found themselves there, they people do Yoga, Meditations and other appeasing activities. They also spend time solitary away from the world to know the worth of life, to know the worth of breathing or smiling.

That’s all!

Maybe life is all about this, finding the value of your existence that how could you get joy of being alive. Every human must realize his worth for his healthy survival. Just spend a one day without the protective shadow given to you by your parents or other guardians, you will actually find a worth of yours that how miserably you are not even able to survive without merely such materialistic weapons( like money or other things). Art of Minimalism is the antidote of depression or confusion. We should never make rule that we can’t live such inured habits. Why should we even think that we can’t spend a day without AC, we can’t spend a day without deodorant or we can’t live without branded clothes or expensive things. We shouldn’t forget that  we are humans, and we have highest adaptation capacity among all creatures. The less you have, the less worried you will be. This rule can be applied everywhere, but reality is, we humans are hungry, even the hungriest animals of this world. From the birth, our dreams are created according to need of future. Oh yes, we shouldn’t forget our parents, who invest money on us parsimoniously, while on other money-making they just become insane to invest.


The famous Goa-based environmentalist Claude Alvares, said that in the quest of money, we are destroying our environment indirectly with the tag of pseudodevelopment. We love to be invested in the big names like Adani, Ambani, Tata instead to be invested in our lives. The recent most disputing  topic of country-100% FDI (in retail also) is not less than that old situation of invasion of East-India company, as entire world knows that Indians are hard-working people, but lack of money opens the door of many things that can make them slave. That same way, our hidden slavery turns out to be harmful to environment as well as to our life. He even said that the laziest person of this world is even better as at least he is not contributing his existence in the catastrophe of the world by just  being happy in his bad.

Let me depict how much hungry we human are. Our hunger is one of the pivotal parts of origin of this vicious cycle of life. We never get satiated when it comes to money, so other brave people are getting the profit of it. Don’t you know the fact that only 1% of insurances are actually get paid due to accidental conditions, with 99% of pure profit to those companies?, because it is rareness to leave the world before the time or breaking down of personal things by accident. You must be thinking that how swiftly these insurance companies are invading in our daily life, and we all are simply mindless, they are even giving the insurance on cattle now. That’s why Indian is 5th most country, when it comes to NPA sector like loans and all.Future, insecurity and rush…. These are for root of chaos and clutter of our life. If we are not that kind of hungry, the virtual currency-cryptocurreny like Bitcoin would never have been invented in this world. It is a reason of blind flow of brainless human tendency to get more and more.


I have heard one sentence that “No person of this world actually gets salary for the work he likes to do.” We all are slave, just puppet of someone as we love to work for producing money for someone. At the end, nothing is going to be remembered except how you lived your life. 10 years mugging up things in the school, spending 3-4 years on the devastated wooden-benchs and then confining yourself in the brand of someone to crush yourself like spices, this is all we do and this is never called life. You have to go through some phases of life to know what we are meant to do here as a life-liver. The problem is through our parental expectations, we are learnt to be rich, not happy and that’s why we are always cheated or fooled or ignored.

That African lady is inspiration for me, who is travelling with his young boy. As she suffered from the dogmas of conservative African society, she has decided not to send him in the school for education, as she believes that there is no better school than this vivid world. She realized that her boy is growing swiftly with the experiences of life and nothing is better than it. She has learnt a lot of things of life after finding herself in the lap of Indian culture and terrain.

She is with her 11 old Alexender

Alexander, the lucky son and a definite student of this gigantic worldly-school!

This is all about life. Decide what you want to do or what you want to do which you never wanted but you were helplessly taught to grab it. Define your dreams with simplicity that how amazing creature you are, as a human.

Explore your potency of being alive without foundation of such bases.


  • Divyanka Rajeshkumar Jani says:

    Mesmerising write up.. Nicely captured moments.. I would say you are going to rock in the world of literature..

  • Rahul Vasaiya says:

    Such a surrealistic thing you have pointed out in this post, amazing!!!!!! Your writing has been much evolved and it just feels like a person who understands the hidden pleasures of the human in this worldly chaos and how can the simplicity of life can also brings an immense joy to mankind. Such a mesmerisingly written. Much more to read your thoughts in the form of posts. I am keen for your next posts.

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    Nicely written. Your words and control on language is as beautiful as your thoughts. In future I am expecting some of the great creations and contributions in the world of literature.

    But one thing I would like to say is, PG exams are not devasting dreams. For few individuals, it will create a better world. For someone health care can be meaning of life just like literature is for you.

    • jagatsinh says:

      Thank you..!
      I am writing it generally! 99% medical students aren’t sure what they are going to do and I write that sentence in contradictory meaning that so-called-to-be-neaurosurgeon could never get that marks to be in that field or so on, moreover, maybe marks don’t matter more than experience and when it comes to experience, you know better about medical field and behind world of it!

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    Wonderful nd damn true thing

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    This type of greatly written piece can aspire many and can elite the eyes to see the world in a reckless manner..
    Keep it up…

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    amazing article, I wish everyone could understand that especially teachers!

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