Everyone knows that when it comes to virginity of nature, nothing can beat North-East India. Needles to say, it is actually the land where nature lies with all possible beauty from its bosom. This is said by every single soul from all around, who ever been to this miraculous land.

Do you know about this place-Nongkhnum?

Today, I am going to tell about one totally different kind of place, which is simply amazing for solitude. Everyone has heard about Majuli, which is India and Asia’s largest river island situated in Assam state. But no one has heard about Nongkhnum, which is India’s second largest river island . It’s the only island with zero population, located in the heart of Meghalaya state, which is itself an abode of clouds. Meghalaya is undoubtedly the cleanest state of our country, but what has not told to this world is it owns entirely hilly area of Khasi, Jaintia and Gharo hills, which renders best attire of natural beauty to land. People generally don’t consider going to this place, as they directly head towards famous tourist places like Cherrapunjee, Dawki, Shillong, Mawlynngong, Nongriat only while entering Meghalaya.

This little world lies beyond one valley crossing Nongstoin, a small town falls nearby Shillong. Discovery of this island has a great story behind, as if stories are believed, the oasis starts from one children. That children has found this island in 1996 while wandering around as a local resident. Later, it has been gradually exposed to travellers as this kind of charismatic beauty couldn’t find itself alone without valuable presence of crazy souls around.

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The journey to this destination!

The journey to this destination is itself a great adventure for everyone. In beginning, a road is rough and cobbled, that too in hills. But gradually it turns into unpredictable one like you could not be able to assume anything what is about to come next. This is also one of those reasons, why tourists avoid to visit this place. Entire thin stretch of  wa is surrounded by spectacular views, as the more you go ahead, the more scenes like green desert( as entire floors of land are studded with green meadows). You will definitely feel like you are sky-diving on one little road that is completely surrounded by heavenly presence. The crazy thing is you won’t find human presence there, so eventually feeling like out of world. The people are less, means less invasion of human life, so the less loss of naturally kept beauty!

Way to Nongkhnum

Every kilometre towards destination would be like you are going closer to gateway of different world. When we arrived there, we found nothing than mere peace! There is one little handmade poster sticking on the trunk of one strange tree, which simply welcomes you with minimalisticly written words , “Welcome to Nongkhnum Island”!

Entry in Nonghknum island

Just think, how feeling of minimalism would be arising at that time. Produced feeling like this will be followed by one bridge leading you to core of that island. That suspension bridge is actually connection between a land of inner area of river with outer world, as the river gets parted in two big stream with almost turn of more than 90° angle. This river is known to world as Kynshi, which is also famous as Jadukata in local territory.

Bridge of Nongkhnum



What to do?

The surprising fact is, it’s an island with zero population and it’s not commercialized yet! Yes, again saying, you won’t find any food or any peddler for snacks or any kind of stuff. It puts this place away from activities that migh add little chaos in any kind of peaceful environment. As lacking lodging and other amenities, this place is only limited up to insane travellers, who never steps back to experience new. But yes, there is one government cottage behind, where you can spend a complete ascetic life for few days away from your monotonous world.

Beauty of Nongkhnum

Such view

If you are tourist who is interested in just taking photos and showing off, then this is not your kind of destination. It’s a place with pristine serenity and sheer tranquillity, which is now kind of rarity in recent urbanized world.

Another most incredible thing about this island is, you will find a beach with white sandy sheet at its oasis from that turning of rivulets from river. Doesn’t is magnetize us silently to visit as early as possible.


So for any traveller who wants to do any adventure with their solitude status, or just want to enjoy presence of nature can go there anytime. Just imagine about going there, sitting at any corner and hearing to silent voices of nature at the same time hearing your heart-beats clearly. I think nothing could really be better than this feeling in this world.

Weinia waterfall

Weinia waterfall

There are few locals of nearby villages, who take you away people on a boat ride towards main waterfall side from that venue in very cheap price. I convinced one young guy from neighbour village to have that long-boat journey towards central part of river, just in 20 Rs. This is only the best thing you can do there. The rest is up to you as you would be free to roam around like original wanderer around in dense forest area or can walk along river sides for having a brief look.

Weinia waterfall


How to go there?

As entire Meghalaya state is away from railway connection, if you want to go there by Train, you have to depart at Guwahati junction!
Guwahati is 210 kms away from Nongkhnum.

Nearest airport is Shillong, but frequency of flights with good connection will be better from Guwahati airport
Shillong is 110 kms away from Nongkhnum.

It’s not well-connected by roads as either you have to hire a cab or you have to go on personal vehicle. The nearest town is Nongstoin, which is 15 kms away from venue.

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