Jagat Sinh

Hello people, my name is Jagat.  I am a traveller who travels a lot, and I love to substitute my experiences with pen. I am still a learner and will remain one as a travel blogger, story-teller, writer, poet, designer, photographer and to-be-doctor! 

Above everything, his passion towards travelling and writing is his first identity. Brought up in a normal farmer family on a proper lap of nature, he has been gifted with a wondrous life from very beginning. Despite being a medical student, his burning desires for travelling has led him to new platform of his life, as at such young age of 21, he has been to 21 states of India.

Exploring, wandering, traveling, writing and learning are a kind of synonyms of his air, food and residence. As he loves to capture every littlest thing of surroundings, he craves to substitute everything he see, feel or realize by the pen-power as scribbling of descriptive nature, renaissance of life and philosophy of human mind are the main fields of his interest. He is writing for many travel firms, and his writing has been featured in many magazines too. Currently he is working on his debut novel, which is about to hit the market very soon.

Still, he strongly believes and always says, “I am crawling in this giant world to know my worth for a kind of healthy-survival”