Enigmatic urge for travelling!

Every human being has one unknown urge inside. Let me ask you one question first! When you are standing in front of mountains, don’t you want to climb it or don’t you want to go towards peak? When you are sitting at any river bank, your unknown voice must be telling you to jump in or to do boating in the river. What’s this? You know that directly it’s not beneficial to you as you are not going to get back anything for your personal gain, still you wanna do it. Why dear, why?

Have you heard mountains calling?

Have you?

Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever tried to find a reason that whenever you feel bored, why do you always want to escape from your life and travel? Like it’s your something within, that always pushes you to travel the world and to experience something new. It’s not my thing only, it is everyone’s secret they are holding . But they never tried to get roots of it.

Were our ancestors full-time traveller?

Human evolution took a very long time to witness the recent world where we are. But what about old times? We, as a revolutionary human, always criticize things of old time. But we can’t do the same with our ancestors. We are living at the at the stage of this existence, just because of their constant travelling and experiencing new things. That was the original source of recent human evolution. If they hadn’t travelled place to place and had confined themselves in their abodes, would this evolution have ever taken place?

You don't need to travel, you have to travel!


Our ancestors were the first source of all virtues we possess now. And don’t you know that Neanderthals were full-time travellers? Yes, in between the time of 12000 to 10000 years ago, they had travelled the world on their feet, without even help of technology. Research says that they ran or walked on foot more than what even runners of recent time could do with their greatest milestones. Their gigantic robust legs were the proof, that how drastically they had travelled the world. So basically it all does come from them to our genes, which pushes us to travel from some extent to full pace in various people. And to be honest, we simply can’t ignore our virtue of being a traveller.

Travelling has been evolved with very new aspects and experimental things in recent time due to technology. But still there is a question lingering in the air out doubts, that who are the best travellers!

We Homo Sapiens or our ancestors Neanderthals? Neanderthals had travelled the world by being close to nature, as there was only thing to embrace. They just wandered around like there is no last destination. They had not had their permanent abodes, as they used to make shelter from nature. For food, they used to hunt either animals or find plants that could be eaten in general. They did not wear the clothes, as not needed. Instead of water bottles, they woulf use pumpkin for water storage. In short they had been completely ingenious in every way. Also they had crossed the rivers, ocean and dense forests. But what about a human of recent time! We don’t have limits as it was in old times, when they normally had to stop at such places. But the modern human is unstoppable. Here is what famous scientist wants to say about it.

The famous scientist Svante Paabo says about travelling of recent humans

Savnte Paabo says!

What is “Wanderlust Gene”?

This is all about general people existing around, which talks as entire human community. But there is one another thing, you need to know. Do you know about “Wanderlust Gene”? You must be wondering around my question.

Needless to say, it’s the reason behind the insane community of travellers around the world. Around 20-30 ℅ of entire human population is having this wanderlust gene in their DNA. All that behaviour of compulsion to travel around the world with a thrive to challenge the destination comes with a reason even. Researches tried a lot to find the link between this strange act. And finally they found a root. Yes, it’s a gene variant DRD4-7R, found in human bodies, which is responsible for your unknown fire to compel you for becoming a nomad. Yo must be known to -Dopamine, a chemical getting produced in body when we are feeling joyous in form of anything; from having a tiny piece of sweet to get asked for a date from your partner. Yes, this dopamine always gets triggered in body, when we are going to float in the ocean of joy. This DRD4-7R is actually a dopamine receptor, which indirectly controls the level of dopamine in the body and keeps us triggered with our wanderlust compulsion.

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So this is the reason why some people seem to be like they are born with travelling thirst. You might get having a trip during your day time, but still thinking that there is much more to experience and see. This is nothing but your virtue, first of all your virtue of a human being. And then a virtue of being different than others for having wanderlust genome.

Travelling is the best kind of addiction!

Why travelling is important!

Now, you might get ideas about importance of travelling. But still, the real reasons are out of box. Entire world knows that there is no better teacher than travelling. And it’s not just said, it was exploded out from the millions of hearts after having a sense of it with proper experiences. For owning them, you have to come out of your comfort zone for realising your worth. Your taste buds don’t want to have that same monotonous taste of food you are having. But they want to prove their worth as a part of special sense you are owning. Your ears, nose and eyes always want to face something new, that could increase your heart-beats suddenly but dramatically.

Travelling is the best teacher


The daily routine makes you powerful and experienced in any one stream or field. But being powerful in one field and doesn’t having a little knowledge of general things can’t give you that needy satisfaction. Monomaniac word isn’t made for us humans. We are the most creative creature existing in this world. We have a combination of creative minds and omnipotent heart! What else do we need?

You always have been admiring a work done well in movie and books by sitting at your home. What if you yourself come out to experience that? Nothing in this world could be a better moment than awakening your giant learner. It just needs an open classroom of this vivid world. The more you explore the world, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more docile and profound person you become. The more you know, the more you become. And then indirectly you will be a bless for general society.

Life without travelling is like a body without soul

Imagine yourself beyond a routine or cocoon. Like you are surrounded, where there is no mom serving food or no canteen is ready with prepared meal dish. Also imagine that there is no one to wash out your dirty clothes you made carelessly. Imagine yourself without your room with a luxurious bed! Imagine yourself as a manager of your life that what you are going to do next, what you have to do for it by yourself, what obstacles you are going to face and what things you have to manage! You only understand that value of things, when there is only one shoulder to take responsibility of it and it will be YOURS! Ultimately this seems to be useless, but this is where all treasures are lying. Because you are gradually going to become a connoisseur in the field of life after having survival skills .

This is all what I want to tell and this is all what you have to understand!


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