Matheran- Louisa point

Have you ever seen the hill-station that runs entirely on its own rhythm, away from all banality of the world?

Let me bring you to one of the most rejuvenating hill-stations of India( Non-Himalayan). You must have heard this name-MATHERAN, which is placed nearby Mumbai. This place has been famous for its scenic beauty, but beyond its visage, it has as a lot to offer from its core.

Our hearts are so dramatic. When they get surrounded by such friends, they couldn’t be confined and the same thing happened to us. Those few hours were completely inexplicable, when all excitement was centred to get on the train after reaching at railway station. By the time, we all gathered at our platform and started talking about all the previous journeys we had together. The excitement suddenly went over sky, when we heard the announcement of our train. Some moments of life don’t need reason to inject a happiness in our hearts and it was one of that moment. We controlled our joyous status somehow and took seat at our allocated birth. Fun had to be slave of us when we got together for journey and as usual it had happened.

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Little overview!

Matheran is situated at altitude of 800 meters from sea-level. It is placed in Karjat tehsil of Raigarh district of Maharashtra. It was a colonial head during British time, and still the colonial architecture is kept intact there. Britishers had introduced mountain rail in early of 20th century, which has given it a new identity. Now onwards, the journey of this tiny hill station starts from Neral, a little town falls on way between Mumbai and Pune. It’s mainly famous for the toy-train, which starts from this spot. But due to some problems, the track have been damaged by local taxi-drivers as they can earn through their private taxis. The another point starts from mid point between Neral and Matheran, Aman lodge. So definitely you should start your journey with famous Vada-pav of Neral. You will find a lot of agents wandering around, from whom, you can settle of your accommodation, if you find it suitable. Because personally I always believe in making a journey with possible lowest cost. Nevertheless, it was worth going there on a local vehicle as the way to Matheran hill is mind-blowingly amazing to plunge our body with adrenaline during a monsoon.

Entry into village

The best thing this village has kept is that not a single vehicle is allowed to enter it’s territory- not even a cycle and that may be the root of the serenity of Matheran; where every breath you inhale seemed to be utterly charismatic. It’s Asia’s only automobile-free hill-station. The only way to let yourself pull in the lap of this place is either on foot or by horseback. Although, on foot is the best way from my view of point, from the spot where every cab leaves us. It’s around 3-4 km walk to reach at the main centre of village.

All little alleys of Matheran are undoubtedly a treasure of euphemism (melody of breeze, bird’s voices and animal grunting) in the rainy season and supra-added petrichor is enough to leave you spell-bound. The green mantle that wears this place during the monsoon is the most magical therapy to every existing heart.

We were lucky that we got there at the perfect time, when entire hill was engulfed by faded fog and little drizzle. After checking in our hotel, we got freshened first. Then donning comfortable clothes, we all left like rangers of forest to explore Matheran in a definite manner.


At an unknown place

Various view points of Matheran

Matheran is mainly full of view points. There are total 38 view points in this little hill station. Panorama view gives you 360° view of entire surroundings.

We started from the Khandala point, which is the nearest to market. Heavy fog resisted us to witness the views from Khandala point, but it couldn’t resist our madness. After enjoying little, we walked down to one unknown alley that brought us at one old ancient building, which was totally covered by green algae and wisps. We tried to find history of that place through scrutinizing every little point of it, but we didn’t find anything .

At that time of morning, when we started exploring, we got wet even, but didn’t leave chance to live that amazing moment and almost explored every dark and dense alley of Matheran which brought us to eyes-elating scenes we could never forget.

Charlotte lake with Siliya point

Our endless walk towards the Charlotte lake seemed to be risky, but we kept waking with our insane togetherness and finally our eyes had witnessed the most magical scene. Believe me, Suicide point’s waterfall would give you another chance of living as you will helplessly find yourself in the world of fantasy, world of dreams that you end up thinking how one spot could be so comely and picturesque. We spent a lot of time there, even we also had Maggie at one little hut.

Siliya point, Matheran

Siliya Point

Suicide Point, Matheran

View from suicide point, where back flow of waterfall happens

Then our next destination was Echo-point, but in between we found no one. We learned a lot of things while that journey, because we preferred to explore Matheran while no one was even wanting to get out and that was the best part of our . People of local huts of snacks and tea even had been seeing us like what we were doing in that hazy atmosphere, but for us, it was the best moment for living and undoubtedly we lived. We didn’t leave any chance to chant the names of all girls, who were being crushes of us at the Echo point and also abused all the enemies and professors with love to see how their echos used to come.


View from Echo Point

Matheran Exploring

Exploring like rangers!

Louisa Point

Every point of Matheran is worth watching perhaps, but witnessing the reverse flow of water-fall, producing due to heavy wind from the opposite side( of suicide point), from the Louisa point is entirely seemed to be unbelievable. We spent quality time at Louisa point as the surrounded scenery was breath-taking from that place.

Matheran Loiusa Point

The magical Loiusa point

Alexander Point

While returning, we decided to take a risk, as we found one small trail for going opposite side. In beginning, most of us refused, but I succeeded convincing them. When we went deep in bushes, we found how exciting it was. Taking risk while walking on the verge of valley from Louise to Alexander point was literally a kind of personification of hearts.

Alexander Point Matheran

Alexander point, don’t underestimate us!

We didn’t stop here, we also headed toward Sunset point, even though sun wasn’t even seen from the morning. Also headed further to all alleys we could see. Exploring entire Matheran from dawn till dusk on foot with madness by getting soaked in light drizzle and having drink at night in the room through witnessing the ghastly appearance of heavy rain outside were the pivotal parts of this unimaginable journey.

Still, I am missing those alleys of Matheran as of course this place has something that led writer of LIFE OF PI, Yann Martel to portray commencing scene of novel from this place.

How to reach there?

Nearest railway station is Neral, which is 20 kms away or also you can get down at Karjat.

The nearest airport is Mumbai-100 kms and Pune-120 kms.

It is well connected by road, you can catch bus to Neral or Karjat and then from there you have to catch local taxi.


You will be missed forever!


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