Travellers are going everywhere nowadays. It’s a simple formula, like if there is a presence of magical nature, there is a presence of magical soul or we can say to-be-magical soul. India is a perfect country for travelling as it owns all kind of touristic places from this side to that side. Usually when we talk about mountains, we only focus on Himalayas. No doubt Himalayas are best, but we need not to forget other hilly territories, where nature exists in its purest form. The high altitude is gifted equally to all corners of India, and we should not forget it.

Vattakanal scenery

Clouds are everywhere

Kodaikanal is a famous hill-station of South India, which is famous for its charming beauty and tempting weather. But to be honest, it’s overcrowded as Shimla and Manali. So whenever you plan to go to this princess of hills in south India, don’t forget to visit Vattakanal, which is just few kilometres away from it.

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Little overview! 

I don’t know why, but the fact is Israeli people are perfectly ingenious in finding hidden gems of our country, be it north part of India or be it south or east or west. It simply means Kasol is not only Mini-Israel of India. There is one in south India too, which is named as Vattakanal. This is because Israeli people’s invasion is high in this area, where they use to flock together at specific span of time just for chilling. Vattakanal is also famous as “Vatta” by locals. It is a small village situated at the edge of Upper Palani hills of Kodaikanal range, which is situated in Dindigul district of Tamilnadu state. It’s placed at the altitude of 2100 m, from where you can witness dancing of clouds exactly in front of eyes, like they are around you and you are between them.


Misty mountains

This area is one of the top biodiversity rich areas of country, where nature exists with its real wings. Be it dancing of clouds, be it blossoming of flowers, be it mesmerizing views of mountains, or be it silent alleys between tall eucalyptus trees, nothing could compete Vattakanal as it’s undoubtedly best. That’s why it has become heaven for chilling as a growing holiday destination, where you don’t need any reason to be tempted by its surreal beauty.

The way from Kodaikanal to Vattakanal is complicated. Half way is well-maintained while half is entirely rough. It goes through the dense forest area, where only single vehicle can go at one time. The road starts from Kodaikanal lake and end up at down nearby forest check-post which terminates in dramatic way. When village starts to appear, you can easily find a lot of colourful homestays cascaded in that tiny area, which is the last residential area of hills. If we talk generally, entire surroundings of this village is charismatic to explore. But there are few main destination, which should be visited by anyone who ever been there.

Dolphin Nose Point!


Such treks!

Vattakanal doesn’t have much specific attractions for tourists, but there are few. The main heart of Vattakanal attractions is Dolphin Nose Point. There is a down trek of 20-30 minutes from main mini-bus stand, which is made up over long and scattered root of gigantic eucalyptus trees. This uniqueness makes it more exciting trek. While having a touch of clouds, trek is completely surrounded by greenery and trees. You will find a lot of colourful textures of flowers and other tiny plants around. Completely jolted by the nature, you will then reach to Dolphin nose point, where there is secluded rock like a nose of dolphin at the verge of valley. This point serves some soul-stirring scenery of battle of clouds and sky with that edge of mountains.

Vattakanal, Dolphin Nose

Dolphin Nose Point

Echo rock!

Further trek of few minutes from Dolphin Nose Point brings us between two side of cliff curtains, which makes it more smooth for production of echo from all around. This is one another point when chanting a name of someone while witnessing magic of nature in front of your eyes can bring you away from your normal world.


Dance of clouds

To be honest, I never have seen such beautiful sunrise and sunset before, which I witnessed from this place. Exactly in front of this village, a magical landscape is lying which consists of various shaped scattered hills. Just imagine the sun rising between the gaps of this hills, while clouds reflect various colours in horizon. As situated in hilly area, this place offers a lot of variety of local fruits and food, which can be another reason to make your journey memorable. Kodaikanal area is famous for its chocolates, various varieties of fruits, juices and mushroom. You must try them accordingly your savior, whenever going there.


View from our homestay


For staying options, Vattakanal has a lot of homestays at top of hill. You need to check out vacancy in season, as it is generally occupied by Israelis in mass. Locals are supportive and environment is completely serene. Altaf’s cafe is must visit for its food and other amenities, which is exactly located behind main bus-stand with eye-sparkling views. I didnt find anything better than seeing people chilling out with music in that cafe, at the verge of valley.  And at the end, some things I need not to mention, as you are free to explore and wander around like a definite wanderer.

How to Reach there?

By Air
Located around 120 km away, Madurai Airport is the nearest airport to Kodaikanal. Daily flights from Chennai, Bangalore, Trichy and Mumbai arrive here.
Another airport is Coimbatore, which is 170 km away

By Road
Kodaikanal is well-connected by road with important towns like Madurai, Palani, Theni, Dindigul, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai. There are frequent government as well as private buses run to this place.

By Rail
Kodai Road serves as the nearest railway station, situated around 80 km away from the main town. Mostly trains from Madurai and Trichy run to Kodai Road.


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