Zanzmer beach

Serenity of beach

People always have been tempted towards crowded places for travelling. Beyond everything, this world actually keeps so many hidden gems, which may have little connection to the people, but have the strongest connection to the hearts of people, who ever been there. This kind of places are literally boon for explorers. Today I am going to tell about the existence of one place, whose tranquility has confronted myself in front of real entity of mine silently.

Source of idea to do night-out at beach! 

It was a cold night of mid-october, when we went for the dinner at late night for the birthday celebration of one friend. As startled by the surroundings of that magical night at road side dhaba, we had decided to do a night-out. I knew that they would suggest the same hackneyed names for the night-out, but I silently interrupted and we told about- ZANZMER, which is around 100 km far from our coastal city Bhavnagar, where we are pursuing our medicine. It was already late night and going there on two-wheelers and spending the whole night there with almost no facility, no people and no other thing seemed to be risky to some of them, but I with a few interested guys somehow convinced them that how big risks we are used to take during our medical exams and we headed towards the most desired destination.


That road side Dhaba

Having tea during halts, turning off and on the head-lights in the middle of dense alleys, screaming to scare each other of wild animals, jesting off while riding and hearing soothing songs were different kind of feeling, but everything seemed nothing when we actually reached at the village. It was around 3 am, where we reached at the village. Entire village was dozed off under the addicted air of Arabian Sea. The slumber had pervavded the surroundings in such a way that it was hard to find anyone. Also it was tough to get a way of beach from the streets of village. We wandered here and there, even got to wrong destinations of village. We tried hard to find the way, and finally we succeeded without taking help of anyone.

When we reached there!

After reaching at the point, we parked our vehicles and ran off towards the main spot of beach, which was little down from the upper area. Believe me, it was the best feeling. Seeing entire ocean submerged with the luminous attire of stars in the sky from the peak of farm was merely a dream before, but today it was a reality my eyes were having with elation. The sand, which normally produce resistance to our walk, wasn’t even noticed in the excitement as we reached at the verge of ocean within minutes. The beach was utterly clean, as perversion of human flow was not established yet, but I feared that very soon, everything will be squalid around as human never leaves things intact .

Without worrying of anything, we just laid down in the dry sand of beach like we were in our bed. The waves were strong enough to let us realize about our own heart-beats, whereas the silence too had the meaningful language at that moment when night was having heart-beat perhaps. We could see the scintillating stars clearly, whereas faded light of Moon was enough to see around. There was nothing, no human, no animal, no materialistic thing, only the most magical creation of world: nature and it’s magic.

There is no other feeling better than having conversation of life with friends under the star-studded sky, at the summit of serenity; surrounded by the gradually becoming gigantic waves of ocean!

The night under sky!

The place was undoubtedly discrete from the all coastal places I have seen so far. It was the downside where we were sitting, in front of which the various shaped stones were placed and above it the little hill was situated, which believed to be best place for having surreal sunrise in morning.

The night under sky

We didn’t even know where those 3-4 hours went even so swiftly. Because we were the prey of Nostalgia of Nature, where everything else meant to be nothing for us. Everyone of us never even imagined that one day, we would be at some strange place to spend the entire night without anything for having such conversations. But may be it’s the life, that actually fills out heart full of ecstasy through cutting down the distance of us with ourselves and with other humans.


Settling of dawn

Zanzmer beach in morning

The first morning vibe

The moment of sunrise

When sun was about to appear, we actually had the pristine view of that comely Beach. We ran here and there to capture some best clicks as for having sunrise, we had to go upside. It was inexplicable to describe how amazing that moment was seeing birds producing V shape over the sky, while extension of waves toward the unoccupied area with little immensity.

Sunrise at Zanzmer

Look at the moment of sunrise

The mind had to be blown while seeing the sanguine sun coming out of the far placed verge of ocean after dispersing every little ray of its to the floor of ocean wonderfully. It was like I was having any scene of fantasy world which I wanted to have more and more.

Some pictures need no caption!

Zanzmer beach

Oh, that bird!

We were so happy that we didn’t even know what we were doing there. We just spent time with excitement and happiness around, thinking these moments are noting going to come again.


That scene!


This is the place!

After this most amazing 5 hours at the beach, we returned from the place while witnessing the typical rural life of those wonderful villages. This unplanned journey emerged out to be the best therapy to our hearts in different way, we are still missing those moments.


It’s Zanzmer


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