Dr Jagatsinh Parmar

Hey, finally here? Wow! If you’re reading this, then I can sense the curiosity that brought you here. It’s all about the identity that human mind recognises to chain every related story. But I am no professional person in defining myself by a few words. By profession, I am a doctor. But people would introduce me(if you ever happen to ask them about me) as a traveller in the first place. A traveller, who loves to substitute his life-experiences with a pen, a subtle description you may get from any random person.

Once upon a time, life was good like a bread ready with butter. All I had to do was having a bite of it, as usual, in the same monotonous way. But in spite having a bite of it, I thought, how about bread without butter, or something else or not anything at all? What about an off-beat try to look beyond or maybe a way to look inside?

Yes, you got it right. It was just a single thought of knowing the survival capacity that drove me out of my comfort zone, and I never looked back. I started doing what people often try to pretend instead of experiencing it, travelling. It seems to be tough for a 19 years old guy, who is a medical student. But it wasn’t that tough at all. It was the most liberating experience I ever have felt in my life. The goal was simple though, to see and unsee to see it again, to discover and undiscover to discover it again.

Collecting all the human experiences here and there, going road to road from a village to mountains, I developed new eyes to look deep into every story. It was obvious to find myself in every bit of it. Not in the wildest dream of mine had I thought that I would explore 21 states of this great diverse country at the age of 21. Well, instead of flaunting it, I count it as my earning. There wasn’t anything more valuable than earning people and places. All they have taught me is to love and to be loved, to share the joy and to be happy.

Exploring, wandering, travelling, writing and learning is a kind of synonyms of air, food and residence for me. I literally have cravings to substitute everything that I see, feel or realize in any tiniest object around with a pen. I write when I am happy. I write when I am sad. I write when I am confused. I write when someone tells me a story. I write when I see someone has a story. The fun of writing reached beyond words after finding a universal fact that everyone has a story.

Before all of these things happened, I haven’t met my most of part. All of the things you are going through here and there have helped me silently that I ended up meeting my alter-ego. I have always been curious to know the human mind and the behaviour connected to it. Human psychology and psychiatry are my fields of interest that keeps me hooked to it anytime. You will find this in most of the writings too. A wanderer never wanders anywhere else before doing it in his mind. And is there anything more exciting than knowing a human mind?

Sorry, if you find this too much. But I tried to share something more precious than my life achievements(which anyway could only be remembered by others). There is nothing fancy about me that I can describe in bold letters. But there is no need for bold letters when every letter is beautiful to see and feel. JAGAT-PAAR basically means BEYOND-THE-WORLD. You can take it in any form found by you from this source.

You can find me here also;

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/the_enigmatic_escapist/

Let’s explore more of us and this beautiful world together. We don’t need to work hard for making this world happier. A bit of your natural virtue is enough!